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A-Style Mandolins

camera MA028 Ratliff "Heartbreaker" RA5 mandolin, drop-shaped A-style mandolin with carved top and back, beautiful "deep" curly maple on body and neck, selected spruce top, "snakehead", all solid woods handmade instrument, superb craftsmanship, special Heartbreaker inlay, triple (white - black - white) binding, Schaller tuners, gold hardware and engraved tailpiece. Phantastic power and clear balanced tone. This is as good a "Bluegrasser" as any F-style mandolin we have had and a beautiful player - one of the finest A-style mandolin we have seen in years! Exclusive model designed and selected for us. (inquire for our price)
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F-Style Mandolins

Michael Kelly Mandolins

Once again we have succeeded in pioneering Bluegrass Mandolins in Europe by introducing Michael Kelly mandoline over here. After you have seen and played lots of types of far east produced mandolins, looking nice and sometimes extremly cheap, you woke up to find that there was someting missing: The sound. One could get the impression that makers over there just forgot about it. Michael Kelly mandolins demonstrate clearly that this can be wrong. They do not only look great, but feature good workmanship and they just have it: The Bluegrass sound. That this is so can be read in all relevant Mandolin Cafe´s - and finally, they are in Europe for an affordable price. Could it be that the difference resides in the top which is really carved instead of curved (meaning pressed into a form), or in the fact that the ton bars are hand fitted to each mandolin? More details follow great mandolin legends, i. e. the dovetail neckjoint, the adjustable truss rod in the neck, the deeper body design and the scooped fretboard extension. Of course, the back is also carved into shape.

You my find a few nice looking mandolin new comers on the web, while we stick with these mandolins. The reason is simple: While others still have to wotk on improvements, MK mandolins are at the top of this evolution. Examples for these are the curved fretboard, one pice cast tailpiece or scooped fredboard extension to prevent pick clicking. These are only the visible improvements backed by many constructional details, which im prove playability and sound from low to high registers. Many of these improvements were introduced by a long term chief developer of the Gibson company. Compare carefully and come back to buy an MK.

camera MF138 "Michael Kelly - Legacy solid" F-5 mandolin The peghaed of this mandolin is ornamented with a pearl logo, abalone dots are inlaid in the flat rosewood fretboard. It has triple white/black/white binding around the top and peaghead and white binding along the neck, around the back and sides. The mandolin is made from all solid woods, hand carved top and back, classic sunburst finish. Further features are die cast Grover tuners, nickel plated metal parts and engraved tailpiece cover plate. The love to the detail is shown but the samll rubber stoppers which prevent the strings from swinging behind the bridge. It is hard to believe that this is the simplest model of a huge variety of Michael Kelly F-style mandolins. (inquire for price).
While others hunt for the cheapest mandolins out in the web, we seek the uncompromised sound and price / value relation. For those who know us for a while it may be no surprise that arríved at JBovier mandolins. Manufactured under supervision of Mandolin "fetishist" Jeff Cowherd from Kentucky, they are made for the serious mandolin player, who can not spend a fortune in an instrument but wants fun, fun, fun. If you want know more about these fine mandolins, don´t hesitate surfing the web for testimonials. A better way to check out these mandolins may be dropping by (see our flight cost refund offer!) and play them in our shop, before you have to wait for the next series. Certainly, these mandolins are made from finest tonewoods, have radiused fingerboards and high quality tuners. They come in a variety of models and colours, glossy or in satin finishes. More importantly, they have tuned tops with optimized soundboard profiles. This and many other invisible features make them to "Mando-lions" among other similar looking mandolins.
new2.gif - 5746 Bytes camera JBovier "Special" F-5 mandolin selected European spruce top, highly flamed curly maple back and sides, abalone and pearl inlay in headstock, pearl position markers, triple binding, traditional tailpiece, "vintage sunburst" high gloss nitrocellulose finish. Classic tonebar bracing, bone nut and edges, radiused fretboard and bridge, neck width at nut 28,75 mm for optimal playability. Two way adjustable truss rod. A true masters joice and a glimpse of understatement despite the classic ornamentation! For more information see general description of JBovier mandolins above. These mandolins come with a nice rectangular hard case with green velvet interiour. (inquire for price))
camera Lebeda F4 "Master", finest selection of beautifully flamed curly maple back and sides, master selection of 20+ years aged German spruce top, abalone fearn in head and abalone dots in the slightly curved fretboard, extremely rare curly maple binding on body, neck and head, gold plated hardware, maximum value Schaller reverse tuners with handmade plum wood tuning buttons, Lebeda style tailpiece, deep shining indian summer finish, inlaid abalone ring around the sound hole. Additional inlaid tiny pearl dot in the top close to the open abalone ring, makes this piece a very unique piece of art. This is truely the best sounding F-4 style mandolin I have seen in years. A one time chance with nothing more to say. (inquire for price)
camera Kentucky KM630 solid spruce top, back sides and neck made from maple, rosewood fingerboard, pearl inlays in headstock, white binding, traditional sunburst finish, gold plated hardware. A very nice player for the small purse featuring everything your F-style mandolin needs. List priceeurologo 935, our price eurologo 745
camera MF110 Flatbush V-5 if you seek a players dream - get this Flatbush! Nothing to add as compared to the description of the V-4 de luxe except that this a bit more of everything if this is ever possible.The peghead has an ebony overlay with a beautiful inlay, and it is bound as is the whole mandolin on all its edges with a special "wild type" ivoroid binding and a wooden stripe (at the body). Obviously, these mandolins can not be cheap as is always the case for something rare and unbeatable. This mandolin comes with a luxus Calton case. Price upon request.
camera MF124 Holoubek "Sensation" F-5 Bluegrass Mandolin Open your eyes and mind for this and more awesome, great sounding mandolins from Ondrej Holoubek. His mandolins receive high scores among the great Czech makers and the reputation of his instruments is continuously growing. Kick´off your session with this superb F-5 mandolin of natural beauty. Its top is made from 20 year old finest tonewood
, selected spruce, nicely flamed maple back shows beautiful figure through a very thin coat. The slightly curved fretboard has inlaid pearl dots and plays very easy. The flamed neck has the feel of a round, very slight triangle. A unique design made from abalone is inlaid in the bound ebony headstock cover plate together with the name of the maker. The back of the headstock is covered by a dark rosewood veneer. The body of this mandolin is triple bound, and it has an ebony end pin, the neck is bound. The premium quality Schaller tuners and the other hardware are nickel plated. The tailpiece cover is nicely engraved. The workmanship shows that Ondrej is a master luthier having done his homework: The back is deeply carved for optimum tonal qualities. This mandolin is X-braced for more attack of you chops. The fingerboard extension is scalopped to prevent pick clicking and has inlaid frets. The finish is a very thin alcoholic nitrocellulose varnish with nice dark shades of chestnut to tobacco. Let these notes just come out and course jealousy! You are invited to watch this place and see yourself miss this one and have to get through a many months waiting list as time goes by or ask us for the price and make it yours (inquire for price) ASK FOR MORE MANDOLINS FROM THIS MAKER
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At this time we have no mandolas in stock.
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Folk Mandolins

camera MA013 Portuguese style mandolin, solid spruce top, multiple stripe back, nice wood inlays. eurologo 150
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Classical Mandolins

camera MA019 Guriema Calace Model, spruce top, back in new construction of seemlessly matched maple and Mahagoni pieces, beautiful intarsies, carved armrest high gloss finish. Our price breaking start into classical mandolins without touching tonal qualities (inquire for price).
camera MA020 Samick Calace Special model, spruce top, back of rosewood with maple stripes, elaborate pearl ornamentation, high gloss finish. A beautiful instrument with great sound (inquire for special reduced price).
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