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Remember: You are always invited to ask us for a definitive price quote or appropriate possibilities for payment or shipment. This site is meant to provide fast estimates.
Currency help

The effective currency is in eurologo (EURO). For informational purposes only prices can be recalculated to your local currency at

currency conversion

to get a real time conversion with todays exchange rates. Check for VAT refund!

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VAT refund

The listed prices contain 16% German VAT (value added tax). These prices are effective for customers within the EU. We offer full VAT refund to Non-EU customers. This means that these customers enjoy refund of the 19% VAT. Thus, an eurologo 1.000 instrument costs you only eurologo 1.000 / 1.19 = 840! Registered businesses can buy VAT free from us within the EU upon providing their VAT number.

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We are not responsible for any import fees or taxes which may apply upon import into your country (outside the EU). We may be able to give you estimates of import fees and tax (if any) from our experience upon request.

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Holding and trail of instruments

Holding an instrument in stock requires full payment. Upon receipt of a definitive purchase decision instruments are held for up to two weeks to wait for the payment to become effective. We do not offer a general trail period. However, you can buy an instrument and are free to return it in unchanged condition and get refund minus shipping and money transfer costs. You MUST inform us before you do so. Because of customs return may be difficult whenever possible and costly upon shipment outside the EU. We can not refund such costs.

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Special orders

Special orders are possible for handmade instruments upon request. Depending on the degree of "specialty" a non-refundable prepayment is required from 30 - 100%.

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Within Germany the first order requires prepayment; subsequent orders can be billed.
Outside Germany all orders need prepayment.
Acceptable methods of payment include:

- electronic money transfer
- certified bank cheque in eurologo (EURO)

Costs for money transfer with either of these methods must be covered by the customer. Within the EU the use of international bank account numbers (IBAN) is most effective and often for free. (We can assist you in finding the cheapest and fastest way, for your merchandise and country).

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General shipping conditions

Within Germany postage and handling is eurologo 4.00. Mailing of presently unavailable items is usually done without charge within four weeks provided that we receive these items in time. Outside Germany real shipping costs are charged.
Shipping includes full insurance of each package. Insurance in international shipments can be costly. Upon request we can ship uninsured at the risk of the customer.

Claims resulting from transport damage can only be considered, if they are reported to and registerd by the delivering driver and us. Any remedy of discrepancies requires return of the merchandize and is only possible through us.

Unless otherwise agreed, all merchandise is guaranteed for 24 months according to German law. Items which are offered at a special reduced price as a result of their age, old stock, missing parts or packaging are guaranteed for 30 days.

Returns of merchandise

Within Germany, all merchandise sold upon sole use of telecommunication can be returned within a limited time according to 13 BGB. Principles are translated here - any details are given in the German page and can be found and are valid as described there. Ask us upon conditions we can offer for your country. During this time customers can inspect the merchandise. Making use of the merchandise may cause depletion resulting in reduction of the refund. As a rule full refund upon return of musical instruments is only possible upon return within 48 h after receipt. Cancellations must be in writing or return of the merchandise. Merchandize may only be returned after we have been informed. No returns are possible for all wind instruments and items which can be copied, namely musical notation, CDs, videos or DVDs. All changes in these regulations remain as a result of federal law remain unaffected.

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Free* shipping of instruments

Shipping of instruments above eurologo 1.000 is free as a regular parcel within Germany and some countries within Europe, e. g. if the regular postal insurance policy allows full insurance of precious items.
Within Europe delivery time is about 6 - 8 working days (according to postal claims).
To continental USA delivery time is about 2 weeks.
To other countries shipping may be free depending on postal regulations and distance.
Faster delivery is possible by UPS - inquire for a price quote. This service is recommended for precious items.

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Express shipment and quotation

Premium air parcel shipment for an instrument is additionaleurologo 30.00. Delivery time is 3 - 4 working days to most countries outside Europe (according to postal claims).
UPS or FedEx shipment is possible on a 4 - 6 working days or 48 h service. Ask us for a price quote. This service is recommended for precious items.

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