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4/4 size violins

camera GE017 genuine Mittenwald violin 4/4, 40 - 50 years old, in good condition. Some traces of use. Obviously violin was played very much, so it has full tone potential. Vibrant sound with carrying power. It´s a pleasure for you ears. Top from very nice equal grained tone wood spruce. Ribs and back from light flamed maple tone wood. This excellent tone wood is the reason for popularity of Mittenwald violins. Careful craftmanship inside and outside - as expectet from Mittenwald violins. Of course 4 corner blocks. The peg box has 2 repaired cracks. A further crack is in the ebony finger board. The body is without any cracks.
Robert Barth, Stuttgart
Kgl. Hoflieferant, Instrumentenmacher
Werkstätte für Geigenbau und Reparaturen jeder Art
  • Length of body: 36 cm
  • Length of neck: 13 cm
  • Belly stop: 19,5 cm
  • (inquire for price)
    camera GE014 Violin 4/4, by Francesco Gibly in Italy. Handmade masterpiece´made in 1980, strongly figured flamed maple back, carefully selected aged spruce top, box-tree tuners, rosewood string holder and ebony chin rest. Concert and solist instrument. EUR 1.700
    We always have a selection of Folk and Bluegrass Fiddles to prices below eurologo 500. Please inquire!
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    3/4 and 1/2 size violins

    Please inquire for these instruments, or see our violin sets.
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    Violin sets

    camera VG002 Violin-Set available in any size, pictured is a 3/4 size set, student violin with case, bow, tuning whistle and colophon, a beautiful instrument from GEWA, Mitenwald Germany. Your little sister will go mad for it. eurologo 330.00
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    Violas, celli, basses

    camera GE015 Viola 38er scale, by Georg Friedrich Schwartz in Strasbourg. Handmade masterpiece, slightly figured maple back, carefully selected aged spruce top, box-tree string holder, rosewood tuners and chin holder. Concert and solist instrument. EUR 1.700
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    We stock violin bows in various qualities from cheap to brand name makers (e. g. Seifert, Schoetter, Hoefner, Wolf). See our violin accessories website for these! We also stock bows for the whole violin family (including basses) from far East makers. These are very good quality for unbeatably low prices. Please inquire if you are interested.
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