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In this part of our website we try to provide continuously improved information about the instruments you are interested in. This will include something on their construction, types and suitable playing styles, wood and sound as well as maintenance. Some links may lead you to websites with further details, discussion forums or makers. This is a newly established, growing service - reality mixed with opinion. So please understand that it is not possible to include everything from beginning on.


It is no secret that CDs are easily multiplied in todays computers. If you think about doing this to save money you should consider that

- it is illegal
- you may not even save money as the copies often do not properly work in all players
- you punish the artist you like as the will get less money and you will have to wait for his next release longer
- the record company will increase the price for future releases as lesser and lesser CDs are sold
- you do not have booklets and lyrics
- you may miss a collectors item
- "stolen music" is never a nice present for a friend
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The value of instructional books is unquestioned. They are useful for learning licks and tunes and getting hints on your favorite instruments, their maintenance, setup and sound. You can never have too many. It is of great advantage if they are accompanied by CDs which allow listening to a tune before you play it to get the right feel and timing. CDs are clearly preferable over MCs especially if you have a CD player which can repeat phrases. Also, you can play them thousands of times without any quality reduction. Still: Use them after you have bought them!
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Videos and DVDs

For some learning purposes instructional videos may be significantly superior to books. Although it is not easy to handle an instrument and a video recorder at the same time (at least I feel so) it is fun to watch and learn from you favorite player. This experience is worth the price anyway. Most videos are now coming out as DVD. If you have this possibility you may prefer these for the reasons mentioned for CDs versus MCs.
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