Our offers
for beginners and professionals

Offers for beginners

We offer we offer special conditions for beginners interested in small scale guitars and violins.

When you are purchasing a full size instrument we will refund a fine amount of the money you have paid us for your small beginners instrument. We might as well trade your old guitar or violin when buying a new one.

We rent beginners guitars and small scale violins to enable children to find their liking. Prices depend on the specific item selected. We might also rent full size instruments for adult beginners.

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Professional experience

We stock a growing variety of high end stringed instruments for experienced musicians and professionals in Classic, Folk and Bluegrass and Jazz. These are new handmade instruments or used gems from better times. We have years of experience and played anything from vintage classic to cybergrass. Take this for free and save your time and money (and gasoline) when trying to cope with this.

Watch our INVENTORY!

If you have a specific instrument you are searching for INQUIRE because we may be able to get it or have it made.

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Classic experience

Dealing in stringed instruments we find that Classic is a fine combination with Bluegrass especially in the violins and mandolins section.

Buy your violin from a musician and teacher experienced in classical quartet and symphony orchestra performances as well in as folk and bluegrass fiddle styles. Monika knows all pitfalls and needs of students, parents, teachers, violin makers and traders.This is why everybody is happy and satisfied after selection of an instrument.

We stock violins in 1/2, 3/4 and 4/4 sizes. Our student instruments are well known German brands from Mittenwald and Bubenreuth. We also stock beautiful violins handmade by highly skilled craftsmen in Bohemia. These instruments emerge from a long tradition and are real bargains fully equivalent to many high-priced vintage violins. Some of these instruments also make excellent players for Bluegrass musicians. Czech them out - and ask us for used violins, which we can not all list in the web site.

Of course we will offer you unbeatable conditions on special size violins, violas, celli and upright basses upon request.

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Bluegrass lights

We are Europe´s first and possibly finest Internet Bluegrass instruments shop. This is because we are musicians by ourselves. We can not offer anything we do not like nor will we look at instruments as mere merchandise.

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Feedback from happy customers

...just a few email comments which may assist you in judging our instruments and service

Jörn (JBovier "Vine" mandolin):
"some days ago I bought a F5 "Vine" mandolin from the "Streichholz-Schachtel". I have to say these mandolins are really great stuff. I showed it to my mando teacher who endorses and also recommends Eastman instruments and he was positively surprised about the high quality and the great looks of the Vine. The sound is loud and barky but also warm and deep. That is why I prefered it to an Eastman. I really enjoy it and can't let my fingers off it, although I am a beginner. But I think with the help of this great product, my playing skills will improve fast."

Lucien (Lebeda A4 Premium mandolin):
"I received the Lebeda A-style Premium mandolin in perfect condition. It sounds very good and is very suitable for playing all non-bluegrass styles of music and it has a great full sound. You can give my compliments to Mr. Lebeda for a job well done from a pleased customer."

Johnny (Furch F5-3):
"It´s really a lovely instrument. It´s clearly superior to my Tennessee F5 in most respects. So, once more, the quality of the instrument exceeds my expectations. If you need any local references I´ll gladly be to your help."

David (Lebeda F5 Premium mandola):
"Such a wonderful instrument. You should know that it compares favorably with the Weber Bitterroot mandola, which is very similarly appointed except that the Weber has a Brekke bridge standard. ... Even with the standard Loar-type bridge, the Lebeda is stronger and more open of tone than the Weber. The Lebeda has a slightly shorter scale length, which makes it easier to play. Just so you know, the Lebeda F-5 mandola and my 1913 Gibson A-3 mandolin that I personally rebuilt (and extracted red pigment from my own blood) are only .003" different in string width at the bridge - that makes switching between the two instruments very easy. Generally, I rank the tone and volume, ease of play, and fit and finish as the three strongest qualities relative to the current crop of US custom builders (and when compared with similar Gibson and Flatiron instruments)."

Ethan (Lebeda F-5 Premium):
I received my Lebeda mando Friday morning, I love it. Thanks for all your help. And by the way, my buddy plays a Monteleone and the Lebeda without question stands up to it.

Bob (Lebeda B5):
Received my Lebeda today! Very pleased with all aspects of our dealings and the best part was the beautiful B5 Mandolin that Lebeda built. Very clean workmanship, great sounding materials and a great design.
I tuned it up after I received it and the tone is just what I have been looking for. I play in a mandolin quartet, a mandolin orchestra and a Hot Club jazz ensemble. We had quartet rehearsal tonight and have an upcoming concert. We decided that the tone of the B5 fit one of our tunes better than my Gibson F5 and have decided to use this on that tune. I can already tell that for the Hot Club that this will be my regular mandolin.

Lee (Stejskal mandolin leather strap):
"I received the strap yesterday, and tried it out last night...it's great. Just what I've been looking for.

Maxwell (Flatbush V4):
"We are very pleased with the instrument, and appreciate very much your extra efforts in getting it to us so quickly."

Tony (Flatbush A4):
"... and indeed what a beauty and a great sound."

Michael (accessory parts):
You are to be congratulated on your service, I am very grateful.

Federico (...):
Thank you very much indeed for your really detailed answer. You clearly know a lot about banjos, and your remarks made a lot of sense to me.

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