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Our instructional books are offered now in ebay auctions. Please visit us there! This way, you get the best prices and are always up to date. A few examples are given below.

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banjo_chord_book.jpg - 16123 Bytes
Banjo Chordbook - Larry Sandberg - Carry it anywhere, clear readable diagrams, fits into your banjo case, no page flipping.

banjo_method_1.jpg - 17414 Bytes
Banjo Method Book 1 - Mac Robertson, Robbie Clement, Will Schmidt - 5-string banjo Bluegrass style - Tabulature - including CD

earl_scruggs_banjo.jpg - 23415 Bytes
Earl Scruggs and th 5-string Banjo - still the best Bluegrass banjo teaching book (my personal opinion).

teach_yourself_bluegrass_banjo.jpg - 20553 Bytes
Teach Yourself Bluegrass Banjo - Tony Trischka - Clear instruction from a professional, basics, right- and left hand techniques, solos, backup, personal advice on performance plus a selection of the best Bluegrass songs and tunes to learn from - including CD.

trischka_collection.jpg - 13932 Bytes
The Tony Trischka Collection - 59 authentic transcriptions from a banjo master - for advanced players.

tuner_techniques.jpg - 19350 Bytes
Tuner Techniques - David Guptill - Keith tuner applications for the 5-string banjos (Keith- or Schaller D-tuners required on your banjo).


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